Ayurveda (pronounced  ah  yoor  vey  da ) is the oldest holistic healthcare system in the world, dating back 5000 years to ancient India. Ayurveda is a sanskri term meaning science of life, AYU meaning life and VEDA meaning knowledge. The very essence of Ayurveda is simple: By harmonizing Body Mind and Spirit will ensure   long lasting health and happiness.


Lord Dhanvantari is the founder of Ayurveda

Lord Dhanvantari
Founder of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the practice of yoga, which is a spiritual science of life is a very important, natural, preventative measure to ensure good health. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences.
Yoga is the sister science to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, breathing exercises associated with yoga are known as PRANAYAMA, prana is the life force which opens and cleanses the mental channels that carry oxygen to the brain, therefore enhancing mental clarity and balancing the emotions.


Strictly speaking, without meditation, Ayurvedic therapies cannot be fully realised. Meditation "is a technique which allows the human mind to settle into a state of profound stillness while remaining awake"

Meditation is necessary to bring harmony to one's daily living. All problems will dissolve and you will achieve a new awareness, whilst achieving inner peace and tranquility

Meditation compliments Ayurveda




Unique to Ayurveda, Shirodhara is the pouring of a warm stream of oil on the "third eye" in the deeper centres in the brain, causing the hormone serotonin to be released.
Traditionally, Shirodhara has been used to relieve pain, reduce stress and provide all over body relaxation.

"This is one of the most divine and relaxing therapies one can experience".

Shirodhara can help with diseases of the head, neck ,eyes,ears, nose , throat and nervous system. It also relieves insomnia, asthma, cholesterol, enlarged prostate, ulcers, rheumatism and is used to heal difficult diseases like diabetes, schizophrenia and epilepsy.


Is the name for the original or traditional Indian Ayurvedic head massage. It has many more uses than the western style of Indian massage as it takes into account the marma points (pressure points in the body),specific oils for the individual and the body skin type/constitution of the individual.When applied , the oil is absorbed into the scalp through the roots of the hair and can help prevent hair loss. Massaging the head at night can promote deep sleep.

Shirobhyanga tones the pituitary gland, eyes, heart, brain, colon and stomach as well as improving memory and alertness

                                              Pain Relief Massage

Bolus / potli are filled with natural herbs and botanicals which when heated give off vapours which have heat relieving properties. This is a wonderful and soothing massage with therapeutic benefits

                                                   FOOD AND DIET
Ayurveda recommends which foods to eat and which to avoid. Great importance is placed upon correct eating and drinking to promote good health and prevent disease.

Each one of us is uniquely individual, so therefore different types of people need different kinds of food to maximise good health.

Many slimming diets fail because they do not take into account different body types, metabolisms or temperaments.

Ayurveda can help to find the most suitable diet for each individual.

Imbalances can be caused by a variety of situations: eating the wrong foods, stress, poor sleeping habits, poor elimination, physical exhaustion. If not corrected, eventually lead to some form of disease.

Ayurvedic nutrition is delicious and there is no need to calculate or count calories.

Ayurvedic Recipes specific to your body type are made available to you as part of your Ayurvedic Care Plan.

                                   CRYSTALS AND GEMS

Ancient Ayurvedic researchers studied the healing properties of gems and found that different stones created different effects in the human body.

Jyotish is the vedic astrological system that Ayurveda was once part of. This astrological system indicates that gems are related to the various planets and produce a balancing effect to counter specific diseases.

crystals and head


The use of colours in our daily life adds psychological harmony and peace of mind. Ayurvedic treatments use the healing properties of certain colours.
There are seven basic natural colours which are present in the rainbow and are related to our bodily tissues and can therefore establish a balance of the three body types, Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
Nature's own colours are the most beneficial, nourishing and strengthening.
When choosing the colours of your surroundings, clothes, furnishings or car, choose them with care!

Colour therapy affects the mind more than it affects the body. Colour is important.Use mild and harmonious shades. use soft or coloured lights instead of fluorescent or neon. Use bright lights in the winter when there is less sunlight.

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