" I have been going to Carol for around three months, and have found it very helpful.  It started with 3 sessions of Reiki treatments, and saw a wide range of colours and experienced the release of stress and anxiety in my body. I have now moved on to having Ayurvedic Head Massages as in the year 200 I had a brain aneurysm which resulted in frequent severe headaches, but since having these massages they have significantly reduced. I would not hesitate in recommending going to Carol for any of these treatments as you do come away from it feeling very calm and relaxed".
Steven Bruce

"From the first moment that Carol told me about the Shirodhara Oil Flow Treatment I knew I had to try it: I felt it was going to be something very special, I was not disappointed.

I arrived at Carol's treatment room which is set in such tranquil surroundings and immediately felt a feeling of peace come over me: her gentle voice is so calming. We sat and chatted over a cup of mint tea and she explained what she would be doing.

Carol started the treatment and as soon as the oil started to flow, it was so spiritual, a great feeling of warmth and love came over me and I had waves of the colour mauve appearing, almost straight away I seem to go into a restful meditation, the sensation of the oil going from side to side over my forehead was so wonderful. I felt and saw my spiritual guides come close!

I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it before and would not be able to justify in words how it made me fully feel, I was so at peace it was truly wonderful and I know I will return for more treatments. Carol is a truly wonderful gifted lady"
Lyn Birch

" I enjoyed my experience as I have learnt to take control of my anger and stop lashing out at people around me. I feel more confident in myself as a person. Each time I took part in the therapy (reiki), I encountered different things, such as I saw different colours and patterns. Each time after, I had the best night's sleep ever!. People around me including those closest to me have said how much happier and calmer I am to be around. I like to share with my family the things that happened to me whilst having the therapy, for example a tingling nose. I also like to show everybody my crystal as it makes me feel special.
Ellie Bruce (age 13)