The Coolherbals Coolslim Plan is a programme that is based on science that has worked for centuries to lose weight and to keep trim.

It is not based on a low calorie restricted diet. On the contrary The Coolherbals Coolslim Plan acknowledges that any slimming plan is only going to work if it is based around the staple diet of the person.

Low calorie diets do not work. When we eat less calories than our bodies need, our bodies store fat and uses lean muscle for energy. This is because lean muscle uses up more energy than fat does. When there is a shortage of calories coming in to survive, the body wants to keep the fat because it uses less calories or energy than muscle. Fat is also going to be essential for keeping warm.Remember we live in BC(before christ) bodies in AD times. So we lose the nice,toned lean muscle instead of the fat that we want to lose!

The Coolherbals Coolslim Plan is practical, healthy, and enjoyable and works in harmonising the body's energies.It nourishes the body, gives the body regular healthy meals giving you energy to function fully rather than offering you a diet   where you eat fewer calaories causing the body to revolt against you!

It recognises that we do not all have the same reasons for putting on weight and that the Plan may have to be tailored to the individual.

This Plan is more than a weight loss plan, it will help you in:
* Body fat reduction
* Body toning
* Inch loss off your waist
* Increased fitness levels
* Improved stamina

As well as the diet plan, herbal supplements ,breathing and body exercises are available to help reduce weight.

Personal and individual motivation and support are given to ensure that you achieve your goal.

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